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Mat “Too Stupid To Spell His Own Name Correctly” Staver Thinks Progressives Hate American Values

This moron is from that bastion of bigoty and hate, Liberty Councel. Apparently if you’re for life, liberty and justice for all, you’re anti-American? Is that the argument that this Troglodyte is trying to make? I know I’ve heard those words somewhere before, but where oh where was it? Oh, silly me the GOD DAMNED DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE YOU FUCKING MORON! This country was founded on progressive principles you pathetic, small-minded Neanderthal!



Originally from Denver, now living in the Low Countries of Europe. Spent four years in the Navy, got out when I realized I was a big ole flaming mo. Lived in NYC for almost a decade until meeting my husband, who because of the f'ed up immigration laws, can't stay in the US. I'm obsessed with politics and LGBT activism. I cannot stand or abide ANY form of religious stupidity or bigotry....oh, or republicans.

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