7 thoughts on “LOGO TV Replies To Upset LGBT’s Over Ann Coulter Appearance: “Looks Like We Lost The Grumpy Demographic”

  1. Don’t just turn off LOGO, BLOCK IT on your set. The cable operators and the satellite dish operators take note of the blocked stations because they are losing revenue from them.

    BLOCK LOGO!!!!!!!!

  2. Ya know at first I felt guilty and angry and I felt like I had let the DFW community down because I couldn’t get Phillip Willis removed from the show for his ignorant and discriminatory remarks towards those living with HIV/AIDS…and I couldn’t get the show cancelled. Hell, I couldn’t even get LOGO to apologize for the poorest representation of the DFW GLBT community they could have possibly chosen. Everything that surrounds that show and the cast since the incident on June 11,2011 has saddened me, and now this. I just don’t know what to say anymore….well except Ann and LOGO and the rest of them will someday feel the effects of the good ole’ Karmic Wheel. Feel free to join the “Boycott LOGO’s A-List Dallas” page. And trust me, LOGO’s been watching me from day one just waiting for me to cross that line (so to speak). The whole thing is a complete disgrace.

  3. The ‘Grumpy demographic’? What stupid twats, they can go screw themselves! Logo has be crappy for a while now (especially that vile embarrassment “A-List”), but with this debacle and insulting response, they can REALLY shove it… no more wasting my time on their airwaves! I support gay people, companies and causes that support the gay community… and LOGO have simply proven they could care less about the community and care only about the trash money they make off of us. Sucks to be them! No more of their trash for me!

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