LGBT News Week In Review: Zachary Quinto Bobs For ?, DNC = STUPID, Jeremy Hooper NOMbuster, and MORE!

*  Democratic National Committee’s NEW Faith Outreach Director Opposses Same Sex Marriage. Good going there DNC and then you wonder why so many in the LGBT Community have issues fully supporting you.  IDIOTS. – Pam’s House Blend

Republican Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona Thinks That Straights Should Have MORE Special Rights Because Same Sex Marriage Threatens America! –  The New Civil Rights 

National Organization for Marriage watchdog Jeremy Hooper BUSTS NOM’s use of fraudulent photos and looks At  This Week in NOM (Oct. 23 – Oct. 29 ) –  ( NOTE:  If Jeremy Hooper doesn’t get a Blogger of the Year Award I am going to go ballistic.  He truly deserves it!) Good As You

Twitter’s own @CitizenWilliams talks about Canada’s ruling, anti-gay right-wing Conservative Party and it’s It Gets Better Video  dedicated to the memory of bullied gay Ottawa teen Jamie Hubley who committed suicide earlier this month which raised eyebrows all across Canada – GAZE Magazine

Danish veteran LGBT activist Axel Axgil founder of the worlds oldest LGBT organisation and the very first in the world to legally marry his gay partner in 1989 has passed away at 96. – Daily Kos

Beating Of Ohio Gay Teen Caught On Video‎ – The mother of the 15-year-old gay student is seeking retaliation against the bully who beat her son while bystanders stood by and did nothing but record the abuse – On Top Magazine and ABC News

* Rick Perry says “Repeal Gay Marriage in New Hampshire”.  I say STFU Pick Perry!The Concord Monitor

*  The Fight Turns Dirty To Win The Gay Vote In San Francisco Mayor’s Race – Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow! – SF Gate

* Gay Marriage Opponents Want An Apology From Gov. Andrew Cuomo. (And I want to be Ben Cohen’s power-bottom, both are very unlikely to happen.) The Advocate

On FX’s American Horror Story we finally meet the dead gay decorator  in a flashback to 2010 … One of whom is newly OUT but NOT NEWLY Gay ZACHARY QUINTO and leads to the some of the best lines ever uttered on television: “You’re screwing that twink trainer of yours, and I need gourds!”  Then there’s a mentions of power bottoms, “Hallowqueens,” Virgina Woolfe and a La Roux reference. Just in case there was any lingering doubt that the last murder house inhabitants were the EXTRA GAY type of gays.   Below is a clip from near the end of American Horror Story – Episode 5: Halloween Part 1

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