HATERPOLOOZA – Value Voters Summit 2011 Day 2: Mittens, Moo-gie, and Whole Lotta Hate!

Well the Value Voters Summit aka HATERPOLOOZA  2012  hosted by the officialy designated hate group The Family Research Council continued on Saturday with more gay hate than you could shake Klansman at.

* Ron Paul won the annual Value Voters Summit straw poll with 37 percent of the vote and Herman Cain came in second with 23 percent. But now Values Voters Summit organizers are skeptical of Paul’s win and thinks he brought in “ringers” to stuff the ballot boxCheating at a convention of evil, “Christian”, hateful, and insane liars?  Come on now.

* Maggie Gallagher Srivastavis who now spearheads the  National Organization for Marriage’s NEW astroturf subsidiary, the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance, made a video appearance (in widescreen, of course) to talk about her children, (and not mention that ones a bastard child)  and do some gay bashing by waving red meat in front of the homophobes in attendance and make claims of a “culture war” as only Moo-gie can

* Mitt Romney denounced the racist vitriol of the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer but still attended this hate convention in and then later in the day went on to BASH GAYS OVER DOMA!  Oh Mittens.

And speaking of Bryan Fischer, [American Family Associations Bryan] Fischer followed Romney’s speech with an ugly anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-liberal speech. Although he did not mention Mormonism, he did emphasize, repeatedly, that the president of the United States “needs to be a man of sincere, authentic, genuine Christian faith.”In the rest of his laundry list of presidential prerequisites, Fischer veered from there to discuss the “mythical separation of church and state,” – Watch the videos of Fischer and the AFA that CNN, MSNBC, and FOX-News will NEVER SHOW HERE

*Many thanks to  Wayne Beesen and Truth Wins Out for the videos posted above there are more on their website so jump on over.

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