New Hampshire House Panel To Vote On Same Sex Marriage Repeal Bill

The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee will consider a subcommittee recommendation on Tuesday that the N.H. House pass a bill repealing the law that took effect last year legalizing same-sex unions. It also would establish civil unions for any unmarried adults.

Lawmakers approved the marriage equality law in 2009 when Democrats controlled both chambers of the New Hampshire State Legislature and the Govenors seat. Republicans last year took back control of the Legislature from Democrats.

State Rep. David Bates, the bill’s sponsor, says there is no reason to limit civil unions and the legal protections they provide solely to same-sex couples. (Other than the fact that its seperate and unequal and would never give the same rights to same sex couples in the end, of course)

A recent poll shows that only 27 percent of New Hampshire residents supposrt the repeal os same sex marriage.

Governor John Lynch has stated that if the bill did eventually pass and make it to his desk he will veto it.

With New Hampshire over 11 Billion Dollars in debt and with almost 32,000 unemployed workers half of which are on food stamps you’d think the Republicans in the New Hampshire Legisature would have more pressing matters to think about.

What do you think?

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