Florida School Board Rejects $54,000 Grant And Parts Ways With Boy Scouts

The Pinellas County School Board in Florida has decided to reject a $54,000 grant from The Boy Scouts of America for  a “Learning for Life,” citing discrimination against gay youth by the organization.  Learning for Life” is a character education program in schools. It teaches students values like respect, responsibility, honesty and fairness. (Fairness?  Really?)

Board Member Linda Lerner has asked the board to split from the program for the past 10 years. Saying that “The board had a chance to send a strong message to the Boy Scouts” and after the vote that she was “pleasantly surprised, and I believe that it is so good for our district for our educators, students, and citizens, gay and straight,”

Lerner’s son is gay, but she said her opposition to the program is not personal.

“It was the driving force of becoming educated and being an advocate for human rights for all,” she said

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