Fleshlight Bring A New Meaning To Halloweenie With “Fleshlight Freaks”

Ah Halloween. 

Here’s to ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties and things that go HUMP in the night.

Amd thanks to FLESHLIGHT that is where you can get now get some Vampire cock, along with Frankenstein, Zombie, Alien, and Borg cock ALL YEAR LONG!

Fleshlight introduces FLEASHLIGHT FREAKS

So if you’ve ever had the craving to be staked by a Vampire with hundreds of years of experience under his belt, feel the scary pleasures of the stitched Frankenwang and witness a massive Frankencock of monstrous proportions or experience the impressive organ of enhanced technological abilities with the Cyborg cock and be anally assimilated well Fleshlight is there for you.  (And your therapist is one phone call away)


They even have corresponding fleshjacks, so if you’d rather not bottom for the this menagerie of monsters you can always take a journey into the Avatar-inspired Na’vi  interstellar vortex of pleasure.

This brings a whole new sexually demented level to “Trick or Treat”

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