Duck Sauce ‘Big Bad Wolf’: Disturbing or Hysterically Funny?

From the duo that brought us ‘Barbra Streisand‘, Duck Sauce, comes this new video/track ‘Big Bad Wolf’. I don’t know if I’m disturbed or if I actually find it hysterically funny. I’m trying to decide. What are your thoughts?

(Duck Sauce is an American-Canadian DJ duo consisting of Armand Van Helden and A-Trak.)

Tip of the hat to Colby Keller at Big Shoe Diaries (Site NSFW).

3 thoughts on “Duck Sauce ‘Big Bad Wolf’: Disturbing or Hysterically Funny?

  1. I think it is hysterical, disturbing AND a totally realistic appraisal of men and their feelings about their penises. Com’on we all feel like our dicks are a buddy in our pants. Admit it. LOL

    Made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

  2. Totally edisgusting! I say that becausae if a guy isgoing 2 do whatever he is going 2 do it has 2 be with a MAN not a f***ing BROAD!

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