Disgusting Pray the Gay Away Video Featuring High School Students By “Pastor” Bobby Blakey

The video was shot and produced  by self-described “slave of Christ” Luke Melrose and starring High School anti-gay pastor Bobby Blakely comes this disgusting video which features two high school students who have been brainwashed into cult of “Pray The Gay Away”

The only question I have after watching this is can Bobby Blakey be prosecuted for child abuse?  And if so does any lawyer out there want to take on a pro bono case.

4 thoughts on “Disgusting Pray the Gay Away Video Featuring High School Students By “Pastor” Bobby Blakey

  1. This is so disgusting on so many levels but first doesn’t Bobby Blakey set off everyone’s gaydar? This guy is not only a closet case but a practicing homo. He must be hit on all the time. The man is unreal. Second, these two boys are not “reformed” or “cured”. They are too young and immature. Furthermore, they are well rehearsed and clearly acting a role. I hope people understand this.

  2. Oh my my! All of this is purely a brainwash. The 3 of them are simple idiots, a shame to the gay community. The author is just promoting his agenda, as simple as that and just a matter of opinion that is very easy to prove it wrong…well let the idiots live in oblivion. Thanks to Jesus that had show me not to be ashamed of my sexual preference because he loves me just the way I am. Bobby, Good luck to your very soon to die agenda and may God gives and let you experience the real unconditional love.

  3. Those kids in this film are being manipulated by religious fundamentalists. If there is a god, he or she loves you as you are. The kids in this video look brain washed.

  4. hi, i’m Patrick from the ‘Pray the Gay Away’ video.. 1st off “Chicago Bob” yeah i can’t act too save my life… ask my drama teacher… 2nd Tyler and i have definitely matured greatly since then… 3rd (i can’t even believe i have too even defend this) Pastor Bobby is as straight as they come.
    “Jose” unconditional love comes from God. we can’t pick and choose what parts of the bible we want too listen too, we have too include Romans 1:24. Leviticus 18:22 etc… God bless

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