California Haters FAIL Signature Drive To Put SB48 (LGBT History In Schools) Repeal On Ballot

Despite all the crowing about how close they were, and the fraudulent tactics that they used to get signatures , the group working to repeal California’s recently-passed Fair Education Act (aka the LGBT History Bill) in a mass email claim that tit is unlikely that they will be able to raise the signatures needed and that they have failed.

The News is Not Good … it is doubtful we will get the number of signatures we need to qualify. Unfortunately the last several deliveries of mail have not been what was expected and a large number of petitions have been pulled out because of errors. From all appearances, we would need a miracle to qualify this referendum.”

Now this may be a last ditch  gloom and doom  tactics to get more signatures.  But if they do The California Attorney General’s office must validate the signatures and the methods used to o0btain them before the okaying of the ballot repeal.  CA Attorney General  Kamala Harris has strongly supported LGBT issues in the past including same sex marriage.  So I expect her office will be diligent in checking signatures and issuing a ruling on their tactics.

What do you think?

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