Mark Yarhouse

Busted! Gay Hating Right Repackages Old Disproven Gay Conversion Propaganda To Combat The APA

Mark Yarhouse
Mark Yarhouse

So what does the bible thumping, gay hating Christian right do after the American Psychological Association released a report that said that while religion and its value in a patient’s life should be considered and respected, therapists should not encourage clients to seek a change in sexual orientation and that there was no evidence to suggest that such efforts are successful.

Well if you are Mark Yarhouse, a so-called “christian scientist” and executive director of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity at Regent University, and Stanton L. Jones you lie and try to prove that the APA is wrong and that ex-gay conversion therapy does work by rehashing and repacking unscientific information and data that they used way back in a 2007 book,  Ex-gays?: A Longitudinal Study of Religiously Mediated Change in Sexual Orientation and calling it “new” and “controversial” when its really “old” and has been “disproven”. 

Ah the smell of desperation to keep your anti-gay meal ticket.

You can read all about Yarhouse’s and Jone’s quackery, propaganda, and deciet by heading over to Box Turtle Review where Rob Tisiani and Timothy Kincaid take the old/new study to task.

One thought on “Busted! Gay Hating Right Repackages Old Disproven Gay Conversion Propaganda To Combat The APA

  1. This is why the next election is of most importance. Mark Yarhouse is the epitome of Republican field of candidates stand for. Being silent because you do not like or care for who’s running for office or think it will make no difference and not voting is giving science like this a voice in OUR government. We, as a nation, defeated Hitler and now we have a group of Hitler like people dressed in the garments of evangelical Christianity. These people are no better than the Taliban. They are worse because they are home grown and here right now. Sometimes we have to address the evil with in our nation. Evangelical Christianity is not true Christianity. It is EVIL. If we are silent we only have ourselves to blame. First they came for the Jew for killing Christ. Next they come for you for simply loving who you want and being your true self. If you do not believe this can can happen, think again.

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