Australian Ex-Hockey Star Gus Johnston Talks About Coming Out

For twenty years, I worked extremely hard to become the best hockey player I possibly could — but also to be the best man I could be … So I fought and worked very hard to build a reputation that would provide a role model for others. [But] I never once stood up to anyone who spoke about someone behind their backs — talking about someone who they thought was a lesbian or talking about them in a joking way … I never stood up to my teammates … So I’m complicit.

Powerful stuff and well worth watching no matter what country you live in and if you are into sports or not. 

Thank you Gus.


2 thoughts on “Australian Ex-Hockey Star Gus Johnston Talks About Coming Out

  1. I think you are a great guy and I am so proud you are being honest with yourself. I am a Mum of 5 adults and I totally understand you. If you ever want to talk to anyone email me anytime. I am always here to understand you. I have many friends who are gay and i think it is bloody unfair for you. I wish you a happy life and do want you want to do. Theresa

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