Anti-Gay “Pastor” Named Britian’s “Most Inspirational Black Person”

In a recent competition organized by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and the daily free United Kingdom newspaper The Metro,  Agu Irukwu a controversial anti-gay pastor who heads up Jesus House, flagship church of the biggest black denomination  in the UK has been voted Britain’s Most Inspirational Black Person.

Agu Irukwu is a long-time opponent of gay equality. He opposes civil partnerships and the fostering of children by same-sex couples.

On July 13, 2006 he signed a letter to Daily Telegraph suggesting that gay people are not equal to heterosexuals and opposed laws to protect lesbians and gay men against discrimination.  

Irukwu denounced such laws as ‘Christianophobia’

The competition took place during Black History Month, which champions black culture, history and heritage and Agu Irukwu beat out such famous men and women as US President Barack Obama, former South African leader Nelson Mandela, first black woman MP, Diane Abbot and civil and human rights activist Martin Luther King.

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