AFA SpokesBIGOT Bryan Fischer Inducts NJ Gov Chris Christie Into “The American Association of Religious Bigots”

Bryan Fischer of the officially recognized hate group the American Family Association is taking the fake “Christian Victimization” game to the next level by making up a brand new “shame group” which he has named the American Association of Religious Bigots or AARB for short. 

Via Right Wing Watch:

The AARB will consist of individuals and groups in America who demonstrate that they are Christophobic bigots and hatemongers by their opposition to the free exercise of religion, speech, press or association for followers of Christianity, a religion the Founders were specifically protecting by the First Amendment

Blah, blah, fucking blah blah…….

And who does SuperFreak Fischer pick as it’s first official inductee into the AARB?  Republican NJ Governor Chris Christie for saying he found New Jersey school teacher Viki Knox’s anti-gay Facebook rants “disturbing”.

Our charter member is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who yesterday publicly criticized a New Jersey teacher who criticized her public school’s promotion of sexually aberrant behavior. She exercised both her freedom of religion and speech by posting her comments on her own Facebook page.

This Christian teacher expressed her opposition to the school’s celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender history by correctly labeling such behaviors as “perverted.” That may sound harsh, but consider the dictionary definition of “perverted:” “Characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies.” So her assessment is not harsh, it’s just true.

Well, governor, consider me concerned about the “kinds of statements” you’re making. You are the chief executive officer of your state, and for you to use the power of your office as an instrument of religious bigotry is unacceptable.

So Gov. Christie is joining with those calling for her head by saying her comments are “disturbing.” That makes Gov. Chris Christie a religious bigot, someone who wants this teacher punished for expressing her sincerely held religious views. Thus the governor becomes the officially certified charter member of the AARB, officially certified by yours truly and the Focal Point radio program

Now me personally,  I’m a bit disturbed that I wasn’t the first inductee.

But you know what Bryan Fischer is going to find disturbing?  When Chris Christie sits on his insane bigoted ass after hearing about this.


What do you think?

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