AFA Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer DOES NOT Want Same Sex Marriage In New Hampshire Repealed. WTF?

Hate Group idiot is as Hate Group idiot does.

“New Hampshire is getting ready to leagalize incest by repealing New Hampshire Same Sex Marriage Law” and “All of a sudden we’ve got Muslim polygamy on full display.”

Via the AWESOME Jeremy Hooper at Good As You:

“Bryan Fischer doesn’t seem to realize that the clumsy New Hampshire repeal bill is HIS SIDE’S effort, not ours. The bill to which Bryan is referring is the same one being championed by the National Organization For Marriage, Cornerstone Policy, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and all of the other groups that misuse the words ‘traditional’ and ‘values,’ even while some of them fully admit that the flawed legislation would create separate classes of citizens.”

To Bryan Fischer life is like a box of chocolates.  A big hate filled evil box of maggot filled idiot chocolates.

What do you think?

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