Over 700,000 LGBT and Straight Allies March In Brazil For Laws Banning Homophobia

Over 700,000 LGBT and straight ally Brazilians marched along the famous Copacabana beach promenade in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday not only to celebrate the success this year of a legislative campaign where the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court voted overwhelmingly in favour of allowing same-sex couples the same 112 legal rights as married couples.  But  also to call on authorities to enact legislation to outlaw homophobia.

While LGBT Brazillians enjoy many rights they also suffer a shockingly high rate of homophobic, abuse and hate crimes with a  new study tracking homophobic and transphobic violence shows that an LGBT person is murdered every day and a half, a significant increase from three years ago, when it was one murder every three days

Gay rights activist Claudio Nascimento said the community had a simple goal, to “call for peace, not homophobia,” as he urged the national Congress to laws on the books against bring homophobia on a par with racial or religious intolerance

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