Video – Bristol Palin Throws Down At The Sisters: “You’re A Homosexual…. I Can Tell”

Bristol Palin  got into it with a gay guy who heckled her while she was shooting her “reality show”  at West Hollywood’s Saddle Ranch restaurant with her friends and the film crew

Bristol went and got up into the guys face after the sister wasn’t having it.

IMO the guy had every right.  You can’t continue to be an evil bitch without it coming back to you in the end.

5 thoughts on “Video – Bristol Palin Throws Down At The Sisters: “You’re A Homosexual…. I Can Tell”

  1. This was uncalled for by the gay guy, totally out of order and very childish. If you have something against the mother do not take it against Bristol. That’s why we are not respected in the society for such bad example that is not representative of the decent gay community; yes we have decent and respectful gay community. Shame on this bastard.

  2. I am a openly Gay person and I seen the video with Bristol Palin and she did not start any commotion. I was totally embarrassing to see one Gay person act that way for no just cause. I am appalled to see this behavior that does NOT represent all Gays in the USA. I am not a Palin follower but that was not a proper way to deal with an issue that is sensitive and delicate when it talks about Sara Palin. Gays like myself will take it to a level of fair legal arbitration to higher levels of discussion to bring equality to our gay community in a civil manner. Why bash Bristol to get back at Sara Palin? This is a free and fair country. There is a time and place to bring to light to Miss Palin and the world that we deserve equality but using intelligence and common scene to take it to a proper forum. I am not amused with Gay bashing but I also do not like Hetero bashing. It will lead us to no where. I feel for Bristol even if I differ from her beliefs. People please give in to peace and respect and do not carry this stupid gossip video.

  3. Please.

    IMO Bristol Palin started the commotion when she became a fame whore cashing in on her mothers evil legacy. She is fair game as long as she stays in the spotlight and cashes in on the hate.

    She is not a child. She did not have to march over and say anything. She did so with full knowledge that there were camera’s there.

    “Wasilla White Trash” was correct.

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