Tweet Of The Day: In Defense Of Alec Baldwin Starbucks DOES Have Some Queenie Barristas

Big ole Daddy Bear Alec Baldwin made the above tweet this morning and some people are bent over the fact that he used the word “Queen”  Why I’ll never know.  Some Starbuck barrista’s DO have total attitude problems especially considering what they do for a living which is nobel and all but not a status symbol and I am sure there are some “queens” who work there especially in NYC.

Let’s face it, we all encounter Queens during the course of our day.  And in this case, Queen and attitude seem to go hand-in-hand … as they frequently do.  I find that people who have a problem with the term Queen are usually attitudey Queens that are afraid someone is going to call them oit for thier bitchiness.

Anything bearly Jack Donaghy wants to call me is fine.  C’mon he’s a total ally of the gay community. 

Get over it Queens!

2 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: In Defense Of Alec Baldwin Starbucks DOES Have Some Queenie Barristas

  1. Com’on man. I am a big fan of yours but totally disagree with a celebrity calling out a nobody by identifying him by name and his store with such a hot headed tweet. This man is likely to lose his job. And I doubt that calling Alec a white cracker barrista would be acceptable. And no, no one would ever call me a queen or bitch. Bastard yes. But not queen. LOL

  2. Okay I admit adding Jays name was a bit much. BUT. The point of my post was about people getting bent over the use of the term “queen”. Its not eactly in the same leauge as the “F” word. And we go have Queens. Nelly Queens, Butch Queens and Leather Queens. We also have twinks and leather men and Alec himself descibes himself as a “Daddy Bear”

    As fo “Jay” himself. One really has to wonder what type of shit he pulled to be called out by Baldwin on Twitter. But with a goog agent he might actually be able to parlay this into a guest apperance on Chelsea Lately or at the least Howard Stern.

    And LOGO is ALWAYS looking for a cheap, bottom ot the barrel show. Who knows. Next season we might be watching “Jay the Rude Queen Barista” on LOGO scheduled right after “The A-List New York” *chortle*

    BTW. Glad you like the blog.


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