True Blood: “And When I Die” (Season Finale) – Poll

Ok lemme start by saying what the hell is wrong with Sookie? Alcide wants to make little werefairy babies with you, and you say no? Girl you need to get yourself checked out. Any way, what did y’all think of that as a season finale? It was quite the entertaining season, and things were set up quite well for a banger of a Season 5. Favorite part? Mine was where Bill and Eric meet Nan at the door, and Eric says, “Hi, Nan. And gay stormtroopers.” That’s a classic for sure. What do you think’s going to happen now that Russell Edgington is going to obviously make a comeback? Yikes! And what about Tara?

A brief recap:

As Bon Temps celebrates Halloween, Marnie’s spirit possesses Lafayette’s body and kills Jesus to take control of his magic powers. Sookie and Sam make up and Sookie gets her job back. Alcide asks Sookie to be with him and have a normal life together. Sookie, Tara and Holly find Bill and Eric being held captive by Marnie. After Antonia and other spirits, including Adele Stackhouse, rise from the dead and convince Marnie to let go, they lead Marnie to the afterlife. Adele tells Sookie that being alone isn’t a bad thing. Terry receives an unexpected visit from an old friend, a marine. Rene’s spirit appears to Arlene to warn her that the ghosts of Terry’s past will not stay buried forever. Pam admits that she is jealous of Sookie. Luna and Sam have a funeral for Tommy where Maxine is the only mourner. Holly and Andy begin to get closer. Sookie tells Eric and Bill that she loves them both but cannot choose between them, so chooses to be alone. Jason tells Hoyt that he slept with Jessica, after which Hoyt beats him up. Jessica tells Jason that she doesn’t want a relationship. Steve Newlin appears at Jason’s door as a vampire. Sam finds himself surrounded by a pack of snarling werewolves. Alcide discovers that someone has dug Russell Edgington out of his cement grave in a parking garage. Nan Flanagan tells Eric and Bill that she has been fired and wants to start a mutiny against the Authority. She also tells them she knows that Sookie is a fairy. Bill deals her the True Death and Eric kills her guards. Debbie breaks into Sookie’s house and shoots Tara dead. Sookie grabs the gun and kills Debbie. Sookie cradles Tara’s body, screaming for help.

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