Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council Hate Group Sues The Department of Justice Over DOMA

Even though DOMA is still the law of the land.  Hate Group President Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council along with the anti-gay Judicial Watch  have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice, demanding that the DOJ release all idocuments and emails relating to the decision to stop defending DOMA.

Tony Perkins resoning?  “We have serious concerns that the Justice Department wants to hide evidence that it was doing the bidding of campaign donors and homosexual activists from whom Obama will need assistance for his reelection.”

Once again the motive here is pure bigotry and hate.  Perkins and and it’s ilk are realizing more and more that their insubstantial arguments and insinuations aren’t going to cut it in a court of law, so they’re seeking to win over the court of public opinion by casting doubt on the judicial process and tying up the courts with frivilous lawsuits.

This strategy will eventually backfire, but, for now, it continues to throw roadblocks in the path toward equality and justice which is why we seriously need to start bring groups like the FRC down

But in the meantime while the FRC waits on those missing DOJ pages maybe they should start producing their donor list in Maine?

What do you think?

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