Former State Senator and Family Action Council Head Accuses Blue Cross Of Joining The “Gay Culture Wars”

“Culture Wars” seems to be the new gentile buzz phrase being used by anti-gay Christofascist organizations when it comes to any company or person who doesn;t believe in their hateful narrow minded ways.

Case in point David Fowler,  former state senator who heads the anti-gay hate group the Family Action Council of Tennessee is accusing Blue Cross the states biggest health insurance provider of joining the “culture wars” because of it’s diversity commitment to “small, disadvantaged, minority, women, service-disabled veteran, veteran-owned, HUB-zone or low-income areas and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender owned businesses.” as stated in a letter by BlueCross to its suppliers on late August

In an email, David Fowler berated BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee for its tolerance in dealing with suppliers  saying that: (It) “Appears that the insurer is trading in its traditional blue for a rainbow of colors,”

BlueCross spokeswoman Mary Danielson told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that they have been doing outreach for nonprofit insurers that have extensive state and federal government contracts and that this is nothing new:

“BlueCross is committed to supplier diversity as a good business practice,” Mary Danielson told the Times Free Press via email. “As part of that effort we regularly mail a supplier self-certification form to our 3,000 vendors. We mail this form to update their business classification records in our system. Those classifications, provided by the federal government, cover a range of groups.”

Chris Sanders of the Tennessee Equality Project said Fowler was “trying to claim the victim mantle.” He said Fowler was trying to “make an assertion that right-wing evangelicals are being beat up on in the culture and use that as a rallying cry.”

Culture wars?  That’s going to be a hard sell.  

One would be hard pressed to call David Fowler and the  Family Action Council” s  Trailer Trash, Cheese Whiz on a cracker, self serving, hateful, Nazi mentality anything but culture. 

What do you think?

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