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PPP Poll: North Carolinians Oppose Anti-Gay Marriage Admendment

Most North Carolinians approve of the discriminatory statutory ban on same-sex marriage, however, a new poll from PPP shows that a majority of North Carolinians don’t think it’s necessary to modify the states constitution. From

Of 520 North Carolina voters independently surveyed from September 1st to 4th, 61% of respondents in the state said they want same-sex marriage to remain illegal and only 31% supported overturning the state’s 1996 statutory ban. However, 55% said they would also vote against the Republican constitutional amendment that, based on language proposed by the state senate, would ban marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples. Only 37% would vote for such an amendment.

There are some familiar trends in the polling data, too. Some 63% of Democrats and 52% of independent voters would reject the amendment. Interestingly, such severe language in the amendment would see 47% of Republican respondents also voting against and only 31% openly saying they would vote for it.

Mirroring earlier polls, among the most opposed to the amendment are African Americans with 61% voting against, and 78% of respondents under the age of 30 saying they would reject the amendment as worded.

However, every single majority over the age of 30 also opposes the amendment, including those over 65, even though 71% of which are against gay marriage. This indicates that while a majority of NC residents do not yet want to grant same-sex marriage, they oppose blocking gay couples from the legal rights of marriage — indeed 54% of those surveyed said they supported legal equality for same-sex couples.

So, it would appear that the residents of North Carolina are still a bunch of bigots, but not so bigoted as, say, South Carolina. So it’s degrees of bigotry that are important now?



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