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Police in India Raid Gay Party & Detain 133 For ‘Indecent Behavior’

It would seem that the police in Bombay/Mumbai did not get the memo that back in 2009 the Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexual intercourse between consenting adults, throughout India. It would seem that the bigotry and institutionalized discrimination is still alive and well in India. From The Hindustan Times:

Transgender actor Bobby Darling (Filmi Tadka/Wikipedia)
The Oshiwara police raided a gay party being held in a bungalow at Versova early on Sunday and detained 133 people on the charge of indecent behaviour. Actor Bobby Darling was one of the people detained. The police also arrested the two party organisers for not having the requisite permission to serve liquor at the party, while the DJ playing music was arrested for not having the licence to play music, the police said.

H/T to Joe. My. God.


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