The Mormon Church In San Francisco Appoints Openly Gay Man Church Liason To Build Bridge and Bullshit

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormons) are about as anti-gay as they come. For decades upon decades they habe belittled and tortured psycolgocally and physically gays and lesbians within ythier religion and have made plans and pumped million of dollars into anti-gay intitiatives and have done everything they can to destroy the gay and lesbian community.
Which is why the Mormon LDS Bay Ward, a 950-member congregation located in San Francisco has appointed an openly gay Mormon, Mitch Mayne as executive secretary to the bishop of the church has tasked Mayne with building bridges between the local gay and Mormon communities.

Mayne and his bishop, Don Fletcher, want gays to know they are welcome at his congregation, which includes the Castro district.
No one is going to ask you to give up your partner before entering the door,” Mayne said.
Fletcher admits it’s a “tough sell.” According to LDS doctrine, members cannot be sexually active until marriage, and only a man and a woman can marry. (So you just won’t be recognized as human or accepted into our little family until you turn straight and get married.  But please, come on down.)
Which is why this whole “openly gay Mormon”  and “building bridges” thing is a crock of  bullshit and another Mormon attempt at deceit to make them seem “progressive” when actually they are not. And in reality nothing is changed. 
Gays have been given positions for years in the LDS on the promise they be celibate.  So Mayne being given this is nothing more than a public relations stunt and for Mayne himself crumbs dropped from the dinner table and as a loyal cultist first and gay mans second he laps the crumbs and will go forth and try to persuade the gays and lesbians of the Castro that the Mormons are okay because “Hey look at me.  I’m gay and they let me be part of their nifty magic underwear club!”.
Well I am looking at you Mitch Mayne and your “church” and I can tell you that forced suppression to meet the demands of the LDS church or any religion does not for happiness make.   And the proof of this is evidenced by the number of gay and lesbian youth suicides happening to the brightest, most beautiful, most gentle and innocent of the LDS church and organized religion.   Not to mention the homelessness which id thrust upon them by “bible thumping” parents who toss them into the street because they are gay or lesbian.  And then within the LDS Church itself is a growing number of HIV+ gay men and their infected married wives.
To belong to ANY religion or group that suppresses the desire and given right of any individual to be truly who who you are and happy is nothing more than a dangerous controlling cult and should not only be given a wide berth and ignored but also battled. and fought to the end.

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