Michele Bachmann Crazy Overdrive: Anti-Gay Bullying Is “Not a Federal Issue” – WRONG!

CBS’s Political Hotsheet posted a report today about Alex Limon who went to a a Michele Bachmann rally in California for one reason, and one reason alone : To ask she what she intends intends to do about school bullying in her district that target gay kids.

Her answer.  Nothing.

That’s not a federal issue,” Bachmann said, before quickly moving away to shake the hands of the tea party lemmings waiting to speak to her.

If Bachman and her Tea Party lunatics had thier way NOTHING would be a Federal issue because the Federal Government would cease to exist and we’d have 50 countries instead of 50 states.

But for now just so the insane crazy stupid bitch knows the facts bullying in schools IS indeed a federal issuse . It comes under the 1964 Omnibus Civil Rights Act, which applies to educational facilities as well as employment and housing, and prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender and gender preference. I would think that it might come under 42 U. S. Code Section 1983 as well.

So once again Bachmann is either….  a.) Too stupid to know this.   b.) Making up her own answers and lying through her teeth again.  Or c.) Both.

My bet is its C.

What do you think?

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