Louis Virtel comments on baby pictures: “Looks selfish”

Louis Virtel is back with Episode 5 of Verbal Vogueing titled, ‪”Don’t Unfriend Me Argentina”‬. In this episode he takes on all the fucking stupid Facebook statuses that pop up in your news feed. For example:

Fertile Myrtle writes:
“I had my precious new baby Chad today. Here’s a picture of mommy and daddy in the delivery room.”

To which Louis Virtel comments:
“Why stop at the delivery room picture? Let’s see the head crowning. An animated GIF of your water breaking. The broken condom.”

The part that had me rolling was when he started talking about these people posting photos of their new born blobs on Facebook:

“And I hate when they post pictures of the newborn and people comment on them. You don’t want to hear what I have to say about your generic looking baby: Cliche. Not toned enough. Anne Geddes wouldn’t give this one a second look. A baby in this economy! Is he spitting up? He’ll make a shitty drug mule. Looks selfish. Nice meth smile. When will you be hot?”

He also vogues around the Emmy’s and throws down some #AwfulSpinoffs.

Nice one Louis. Keep it snarky.

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