LGBT News Roundup 9/28/2011 – Gay Coffee, Prop 8, Catholic Bigots Lose $$$’s, 131,729 Gay Married Couples and DOMA.

*  9th Circuit Court Halts Order to Unseal the Prop 8 Trial Videotapes.  – Because like Prop 8 itself this will drag on for years and years and no judicial body will have to take responsibility – via Towleroad

*  President Obama Says: Courts Will Most Likely Repeal DOMA Very Soon – So the courts can take responsibilty and he doesn;t have to. (See a pattern here?)  – via Queerty
*  Bigoted Catholic Charities Loses Bid To Keep Adoption Contract With State – No gay adoptions. No state money.  END OF STORYvia Joe My God 
*  The US Census Reports That Over   131,729  Gay Couples Say They Are Married – AND NOT ONE DAMN ONE OF THEM ARE RECOGNIZED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT!  – via TIME Newsfeed   
*  Mike Signorile Rips To Shreds And Throws To The Dogs Bigoted Senator James Forrester – Now THATS what I’m talking about! – via Pam’s House Blend
And speaking of Blend.  Gay Coffee Debuts at Castro Street Fair 2011 – It brought a new mwaning of being”UP” at the Castro Street Fair – via Market Watch
*  Stonewall Inn Gay Basher Gets Only Two Years in Prison‎ – Disgusting!  via Just Out

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