John Boehner Says Being Gay Is A Choice – No, But Being An Orange Skinned Hateful Idiot Nazi Is.

House Speaker John BONER, (Because  anyway you try it you cannot pronounce BAINER from the spelling BOEHNER unless you went to the Hyacinth Bucket School of last names) has claimed in the case of Edie Windsor, who is challenging the constitutionality of the the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and seeking a refund of the federal estate tax paid by the estate of her late wife, that being gay is a choice

From Boehner’s August brief:

Plaintiff’s own evidence indicates more than 12% of self-identified gay men and nearly one out of three lesbians reported that they experienced some or much choice about their sexual orientation. This contrasts with actual suspect classes, which involve“immutable characteristic[s]” determinable at birth and “determined solely by the accident of birth.” Moreover, according to multiple studies, a high number of persons who experience sexual attraction to members of the same sex early in their adult lives later cease to experience such attraction. Lisa M. Diamond &Ritch C. Savin-Williams,
Explaining Diversity in the Development of Same-Sex Sexuality Among Young Women, 56 J. of Soc. Issues 301 (2000)

Listen BONER.  You may choose to be “orange” skinned Nazi, but you don’t choose your sexuality!  

Boehner believe government is “too big,” and yet he and his ilk have no problem wanting that same government to control its citizens and dictate who can and who can’t get married.

Becoming a Republican Teatard is a what truly is a choice.  A choice  that causes poverty, oppression, hate and war.
Suck that Boner!

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