INJUSTICE: Transgender Women Savagely Beaten At McDonalds Attacker Gets Only 5 Year Sentence

The images transgender victim Chrissy Lee Polis being savagely beaten by two girls at a McDonalds in Baltimore Maryland while workers stood by and watched will forever be burned into our minds.  The brutal attack, captured on videotape  (Warning: Disturbing footage) sent shock waves and horrified the LGBT community.  Teonna Monae Brown, 19, pleaded guilty last month to first-degree assault and a hate crime in the beating.

Baltimore County Circuit Judge John Grason Turnbull II after watching the video tape of the crime Brown’s attack on Polis “absolutely outrageous behavior” but  said the prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation was “more than reasonable.” 

Brown, who tearfully apologized in court Tuesday, was only sentenced to 10 years in prison, with five years suspended, plus three years of supervised probation, as prosecutors sought. The maximum sentence for the crimes is 35 years.

“The whole incident is unfortunate and demonstrates the lack of knowledge and understanding, and discrimination against transgender people,” said Patrick Wojahn, board president of the Equality Maryland Foundation. “If anything, five years may have been too short of an amount of time for the attack and the amount of hatred that was shown in the incident.”

Maryland State Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk agreed. “Five years is not enough for what she did. It was really horrible — nobody should do something like that to another human being,” said Pena-Melnyk,

In an emotional statement submitted to the court, Polis wrote that she did not forgive Brown and her 14-year-old companion for the attack. She described a demeaning attack in which Brown and the younger girl spat on her, called her names, kicked her and pulled out her hair. “While being beaten, I felt like I was going to die that day,” Polis wrote. After the beatings, her epileptic seizures, which had stopped for a year, started again and became more frequent  My private life has been exposed to the world. I lost my job. I cannot go anywhere without the fear of getting hurt again,” Polis wrote. “I want to go into a hole and hide.”

Our hearts and prayer are with you Christie Lee

The injustice.  Only 5 years……. What the HELL is wrong with this country!

2 thoughts on “INJUSTICE: Transgender Women Savagely Beaten At McDonalds Attacker Gets Only 5 Year Sentence

  1. the workers at this Mcdonalds should be fired!!! and mcdonalds should be sued for allowing this to take place and not stopping it and not even trying to help the victim!!! I hope that the girls who did this get the same kind of beating in jail!!!

  2. This is absolutely shocking. This behaviour is disgusting, from both the attacker and the employers.

    When she was seizing, someone should have at least gone to her side. She should not have been left alone in that condition, filmed and overall degraded for who she is.

    I hope she recovers soon, she has all my love and respect.

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