4 thoughts on “Homophobic Douche Soilder Asks Scandal Plauged Douche Newt Gingrich About Reversing DADT

  1. what bigoted jerks, the UN exists for a reason, we wouldn’t be on the verge of an international economic collapse, if we would’ve NOT had W, as a president. the wars we r involved in strictly pander to the economic interests of a very few in this country. they have sold us on a diet of processed cheap food, killing us while they lining their pockets. i was watching the movie “the tree of life” and THIN children were actually OUTSIDE playing, how horrific is it that that is a memory. yeah defend your herds of adipose ridden masses. while i do research to spend my retirement in paris, where people act like WE as opposed to aMErica…..

  2. While I do not have muich time to post at the moment, I need to say that a Chicken Hawk like Gingrich has no idea what he is saying. I am a gay, disabled Vietnam veteran who served honorably and proudly. I was in the USAF long before DADT and I was not always in the closet. I served at two major East Coast USAF bases and at NATO HDQT’s in Belgium. Back then, there was mandatory “Race Relations Training” to force bigots and racists to choose between their racism and the Air Force. I saw some change and some leave the USAF. The same has happened with the repeal of DADT. I am so happy President Obama honored all gay veterans and US military be shining the light on our service and our love of this beautiful country. Gingrich panders to homophobes. The veteran in this video does not represent the majority of veterans and active duty military.

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