Gloria Estafan Defends Exclusive Deal With Anti-Gay TARGET – Denial For $$$’s

Singer Gloria Estafan who once stood up to  Conservative Christian groups who had placed a measure on the ballot to repeal a Miami-Dade County ordinance  protecting gays during the  ”No to Discrimination/SAVE Dade” campaign,  and has also made an anti-bullying  It Gets Better Video .  Has SHOCKED many in the LGBT community when they found out that  Estafan whose new album, which will be released Sept. 27, will be done so as an exclusive partnership  deal with the anti-gay TARGET Corporation which is currently under boycott by many in the LGBT Community.

Estafan, who when pushed to explain her decision by many replied that “she did her her homework” and felt comfortable that “TARGET supports the gay community” and that the rest of us are misinformed.

Sorry to say this Gloria but your research obviously sucks as much as the GOP Presidential candidates on political issues.  That or you are TOTALLY clueless and having a major case of “denial for dollars”.

Either way I for one, as I am sure many in the gay community are extremely disaapointed and disgusted by your response.

So “c’mon baby and shake that samba” elsewhere because until you drop TARGET and issue an apology you’re not getting one red cent from me.

What do you think?

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