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GLAAD is Calling Out Huffington Post for Anti-Gay Stereotyping

Liberal Corporate news site Huffington Post has landed itself in hot water with GLAAD over a recent front page post entitled “Sex For Tuition: Gay Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt.” GLAAD calls the post “one of the most trite, stereotype-peddling articles we’ve seen in a long time. And they’re standing behind it.”

The author [Amanda Fairbanks] quotes someone as saying these gay students “used the money to afford the extravagant and often lavish gay lifestyle,” while another said, “In the gay scene, all you really have is your age or your money.” Fairbanks herself writes, “Unlike in the straight world, many say they find working as an escort on the gay scene to be an accepted, even applauded practice.” Another person tells her, “The gay community were really the first to embrace the sugar lifestyle, even more so than the straight community.” She interviewed yet another person who told her that he “finds the gay culture more accepting of one-night stands and casual relationships.”

The “gay culture.”

The “gay scene.”

The “extravagant and often lavish gay lifestyle.”

The community embraces the “sugar lifestyle.”

These are not phrases that should appear in any piece of responsible journalism (that’s not debunking them as myths) let alone one published by an outlet that frequently publishes positive and affirming stories about the true diversity of the LGBT community. But this article doesn’t stop at just presenting the “gay scene” as a single-minded monolith – it also claims that this gay monolith supports prostitution.

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