Gay Geek News – Play “Tea Party Zombies Must Die!”

Jason Oda and his company Starving Eyes  has created a new internet video game called “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” where you get to fight against notable tea party personalities and Fox News Reporters who have been turned into flesh eating ghouls during a zombie apocalypse.  And as it turns out the game  is upsetting both the Uber-PC Left Wing and the Right Wing which is taking it and using the spin as a “personal intolerant assault” 

In the game as a player, you are lead through several different levels where your goal is to take out zombies which range from Sraah Palin and Michele Bachmann to Fox News hosts to Americans For Prosperity employees.

Yes its over the top.  Its also about Zombies and its also a video game.   If this was a game that perpetrated violence at real life living characters in the game I would view it differently.

Tasteless yes.  But brillant nevertheless.

Anyway they’re zombies.  They’re dead.  They’re all messed up.

You can check it out  play “Tea Party Zombies Must Die!” online by clicking HERE!

**Many thanks to the beautiful Paddy Laffy @GottaLaff on Twitter and The Political Carnival

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