Gay Bashers Arrested At Historic Stonewall Inn Last October Recieve Only 2 Year Sentence

Last October after demanding to know if it was a gay bar and calling him a “faggot,” two homophobic Staten Island men brutally bashed Benjamin Carver in the restroom of the famed Stonewall Inn — the birthplace of the gay rights movement

Today word has been received through the D.A.’s office that  Carver’s assailants have pleaded guilty to assault and hate-crime charges and will recieve only two years in prison

The two “men”Matthew Francis, 21, and 17-year-old Christopher Orlando last October approached Carver in the bathroom of the Stonewall Inn and  asked him what kind of bar Stonewall was. When Carver told them it was a gay bar  Francis replied, “Get away from me, faggot! I don’t like gay people. Don’t pee next to me.” The men demanded cash and when Carver refused, Orlando held him down while Francis beat him.  Carter, bravely fought back against their cowardly attack the best he could — and his boyfriend and Stonewall Inn staff pursued them out of the bar and down the street
Carver himself has been forgiving of the men, posting on Facebook, “We must be better than these bullies, I forgave these men immediately. What I hope is that these men are given help to understand that all human life is precious and that violence is never acceptable.”
Me, now I’m not so nice and I find only a 2 year sentence for this crime very lienent and an insult to the gay community
Send the animals away and throw away the key.  Or at the very least lack in 5 years of community service at an AIDS hospice onto this puny insulting sentence

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  1. These sad excuses for human beings will be punished thoroughly when a BUBBA gets his hands on their sweet little asses and makes pussies out of them.

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