Doctor Who: Night Terrors – Recap & Poll

Another wild ride last night from the crew over at Doctor Who. This time we were exposed once again to the macabre mind of writer Mark Gatiss. So many questions are still left however.

“The Doctor’s psychic paper receives a message from George, a frightened 8-year-old child on a council estate on present-day Earth, asking his help in getting rid of the monsters in his bedroom. On arrival, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory split up to try to locate the child. The Doctor, taking the guise of a social services worker, finds the right flat, and meets George’s father, Alex, while his mother Claire is working a night shift. Through Alex’s photo album, the Doctor learns that George has been frightened all his life, fearing many of the sounds and people around the flat and is helped to cope by various habits, including metaphorically placing his fears within his wardrobe.

Meanwhile, Amy and Rory, while taking the lift down, suddenly find themselves in what appears to be an eighteenth-century house, but shortly discover most of the furnishings are wooden props. They witness other residents of the estates appearing in the house, but are caught by life-sized peg dolls that transform them into more dolls. Amy and Rory try to flee, but Amy is caught and becomes a doll herself, joining the others in chasing Rory.

The Doctor, suspecting that the wardrobe is containing the evil that George fears, opens it to find its contents are simply clothes and toys, including a doll house. The Doctor suddenly recalls from Alex’s photo album that Claire did not appear pregnant in the weeks leading up to George’s supposed birth and asserts that George is a Tenza child, an empathic alien who took on the form of Alex and Claire’s desired child through a perception filter, and has the ability to literally lock away his fears within the wardrobe. George begins to panic from this revelation and the Doctor and Alex are pulled into the wardrobe, joining Rory in the dollhouse. As the dolls descend on the three, the Doctor calls out to George to face his fears; George is able to open the wardrobe and appears in the dollhouse, but the dolls turn to advance on him. The Doctor realises that George is still frightened that Alex and Claire plan to send him away, having mistakenly interpreted a conversation they had earlier that night; Alex rushes through the dolls to embrace George as his son. They all soon find themselves back at the estates, restored to normal. Claire returns the next morning to find George no longer scared while Alex and the Doctor make him breakfast. After being thanked, the Doctor rejoins his companions to set off for their next adventure.”

What were your thoughts about last night’s Doctor Who episode? Please take the poll.

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