Doctor Who: The God Complex (Recap and Poll)

I hate episodes where a companion leaves. This whole episode was a lead up to the departure of Amy Pond from the TARDIS. It is unknown if Amy and Rory will be returning in Series 7 next year; I certainly hope they do.

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“The TARDIS, while traveling to a new planet, arrives in what appears to be a contemporary Earth hotel, but the Doctor recognizes it as an alien structure specifically designed to take that appearance. They soon meet a group of four, humans Rita, Howie, Joe, and the alien Gibbis, each who had previously been taken from their routine lives and found themselves in the hotel. The four explain that there is a being in the hotel that consumes others. It does this by enticing them to open one of the many rooms in the hotel which contains their greatest fears, upon which they become brainwashed to “praise him” and allow themselves to be taken. The hotel is inescapable, its doors and windows walled up, and its halls and rooms can change on a whim. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory soon find the TARDIS has also disappeared, and the Doctor warns them from opening any door they are drawn to, for fear of being possessed.

As the Doctor tries to ascertain the situation, Joe, already possessed, has been drawn away from the group and is killed by the beast. Howie soon becomes possessed after entering a room against the Doctor’s warnings. The remaining group set up a trap to lure the beast into the hotel’s parlor using Howie’s voice, upon which the Doctor questions the trapped creature and learns it is in agony. The Doctor realises the hotel is really a prison for the creature, and the “fears” in each room are harmless illusions. Howie escapes from the group, allowing the beast to escape and chase him down, killing him before the Doctor can save him. Rita soon follows the fate of Joe and Howie; while the group tries to find her before she is taken by the beast, both the Amy and the Doctor are lured to look into two specific rooms.

The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and Gibbis regroup, and the Doctor surmises that the other three believed that some higher fate controlled their lives; by being exposed to their fears in their room, they look to their faith for answers, and the beast is able to take control. The Doctor identifies that Gibbis has survived due to the extreme pacifism of his species, but becomes concerned when Amy starts stating “praise him”, realising that it is Amy’s faith in the Doctor that is being challenged. As the beast comes for Amy, the Doctor and the others grab her and take her to the room she was entranced by. Inside, they find the illusion of young Amy, Amelia, still waiting for the return of her “raggedy Doctor” (“The Eleventh Hour”). The Doctor speaks to Amy to break her faith in him; when she does so, the beast outside the door collapses on the floor.

As they watch, the hotel is revealed to be part of a large simulation; the Doctor identifies it as being a prison ship, and the beast as a relative of the Nimon, a creature that feeds off the faith of others. The ship’s automated systems had provided it “food” by bringing aboard creatures who had a strong faith. The Doctor identifies Amy’s faith in him as the cause of their arrival on the ship. After the beast dies, the Doctor finds his TARDIS nearby, offering Gibbis a lift home. He then takes Amy and Rory back to their home on Earth, believing it best for the two to stop traveling with him for fear that their faith in him would lead to their deaths. The Doctor sets off alone in the TARDIS, contemplating these recent events.”
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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The God Complex (Recap and Poll)

  1. Not my favorite episode. Hated tp see Amy & Rory go but know there will be another companion whom I will probably love just as much.

    1. Alright Will, that’ll be enough of that. David Tennet is not the Doctor anymore, and he’s not going to come back either. So you’d just better learn to love the new Doctor. ROFL!!! 😀

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