Doctor Who “Closing Time” (Recap & Poll)

Doctor Who: James Corden and Matt Smith. Photograph: Adrian Rogers/BBC
What are you thought about this past episode of Doctor Who? So much of what’s to come, or has already come, was foreshadowed in this episode. The finale next week is going to be a barn burner I think.

Here’s your recap and please take the poll after.

After the events of “The Lodger”, Craig and Sophie have had a baby, Alfie, and moved in their own home. Sophie takes a weekend vacation to rest, leaving Craig to take care of Alfie. Craig is surprised when the Doctor knocks on his door for what he claims is a social visit, but the Doctor soon becomes intrigued by a series of electrical disturbances. Craig suspects that there is something wrong, but the Doctor refuses to allow Craig to help, worried about the potential death of those close to him following the events of “The God Complex”. The Doctor is able to interpret Alfie’s cries, and finds that Craig is having difficulties as a father.Alfie also reveals his identity as Stormageddon: Dark Lord of All.

The next day, Craig and Alfie encounter the Doctor working as a toy clerk at the local department store, using the position to investigate the power fluctuations and the case of a missing salesclerk. After Craig follows the Doctor into a lift, they discover it has been converted into a teleporter and they find themselves aboard a Cyberman ship; the Doctor is able to reverse the teleportation before they are discovered, disabling the teleporter in the process. The Doctor gossips with his coworker, Val–who believes Owens to be his romantic partner and Alfie their child–and learns that a “silver rat” has been sighted in the store. The Doctor then silently observes Amy and Rory shopping, and finds that Amy is featured in the print ad for a perfume. That night, Craig and Doctor hide in the store and capture a Cybermat, which has been causing the power fluctuations while siphoning power to the Cyberman ship, but the Doctor is surprised by how little power it is drawing. The Doctor also survives an attack by a Cyberman (because it was made from malfunctioning spare parts) and is at a loss to explain how it could have returned to the store so soon.

The Doctor returns with Craig to his home to work on the Cybermat. When Craig leaves to get milk, the Doctor tends to Alfie’s cries, revealing privately to the baby that he knows he will die the next day. The Cybermat becomes active and attacks the Doctor and Craig, but they are able to subdue it, though making a mess of the house. The following morning, the Doctor returns to the store on his own with the reprogrammed Cybermat, but Craig soon follows with Alfie. In the store, the Doctor discovers that the Cyberman ship is not in space; rather, it crashed on Earth centuries earlier and is now buried beneath the store, connected to it via a secret door in a changing room. He realises that the power lines installed for the store has helped to supply power to the ship, and the crew of six have been drawing power slowly and plan to convert the entire human race when there is enough power. The Doctor is soon captured by the Cybermen.

Craig leaves Alfie with Val and follows the Doctor into the tunnel, but is also captured by the Cybermen and put into a conversion machine. The Doctor reveals his own impending death and urges Craig to fight but the conversion appears to be complete–until Alfie’s cries over the closed-circuit television echo in the ship. Craig fights the conversion, sending the rest of the Cybermen into overload as they painfully experience the emotions they have repressed. The Doctor and Craig escape via the teleporter as the ship explodes, the blast contained by the cavern. The Doctor slips away unseen, but Craig returns home to find that the Doctor has used time travel to clean the mess from the previous night. The Doctor tells Craig that Alfie now has a much higher opinion of his dad. The Doctor leaves just before Sophie returns. Sophie is pleasantly surprised by how well the weekend appears to have gone for Craig and Alfie. Craig tells Sophie that nothing out of the ordinary has happened, but Sophie’s suspicion is raised when the baby utters the word, “Doctor”.

Nearby, the Doctor tells the TARDIS he knows this is his last trip in her and offers some parting words to a small group of children. In the far future, River Song, recently made a Doctor of Archaeology, reviews eyewitness accounts from those children, and also notes the date and location of the Doctor’s death. She is interrupted by Madame Kovarian and agents of The Silence; Kovarian tells River that she is still theirs, and will be the one to kill the Doctor. They place her in an astronaut’s suit and submerge her in the lake to await the Doctor.

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