Catholic League’s Bill Donohue On Pope Benedicts Crimes Against Humanity Charges: BLAME THE GAYS!

Bill Donohue the sad excuse for a human being who is President of the  Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, and has referred to the “gay death style,” and has quipped “God forbid we’d run out of little gay kids.”   Hits a new low today as he tires to defend Pope Benedict against the formal complaint to the international criminal court (ICC) that accuses him of “crimes against humanity” by failing to prevent or punish perpetrators of rape and sexual violence and also engaging in the “systematic and widespread” practice of concealing sexual crimes around the world by pederast priests.

Said Donohue:

Most cases of molestation did not involve children, and they did not involve rape. The most common victim was a post-pubescent male victimized by homosexuals, the most common offense being “inappropriate touching.” The figures being bandied about are nothing more than a wild guess provided by the Church’s critics; they bear no relationship to reality. How do we know? Because when hard data are available on these matters, the projections are proven wholly inaccurate. Moreover, it is a lie to say that sexual abuse is being covered up at the highest levels of the Vatican. The homosexual scandal took place during the sexual revolution, and most of the offenses ended a quarter-century ago. To charge otherwise is scurrilous. The Holy See is not a member of the ICC, making it difficult to prosecute. Nonetheless, the Catholic League will contact the ICC today, providing documentation of our own that demonstrates how partisan this complaint really is.                   

It makes my flesh crawl just to read Donohue’s words.

Not only does he blame the wise spread child abuse by the Catholic clergy on the gays even though there are many documented cases of girls also being abused.  He claims that it did not involve children, wasn’t rape, and blames it on the cultural differences of the past even though many cases have been reported in the past 20 years.

What a despicable piece of human excrement Bill Donohue is.

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