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You Are Here: Home » Entertainment - Travel - Sports - Leisure, Featured, This, That, and Other Stuff » Ben Cohen NAKED! – REALLY! (I Wouldn’t Kid About That) – WOOF Of The Century!

Click READ MORE Below open the page and unwrap Ben’s Birthday present to US and see the NWSF Pic! – Now if you’ll excuse me……..ALBOLENE!

Grateful Thanks to my Anonymous source from Twitter,  You made Ben’s birthday for me!  DAMN!


  1. VonLmo says:

    Yikes, he’s not Jewish?

  2. izzoiz says:

    do you think that pic is real? a girl can only dream!

    ALBOLENE! for realz…the best lube ever…been using it for years!!!

  3. Truffryeder says:

    Not sure that is him, unless he is a grower, not a shower, because remember he has a massive 10″ Penis.

  4. ultrazilla2000 says:

    @Truffryeder- A 10″ penis?!? Where did you get that rumor from? Actually what’s shown in the pic matches up very well with what you can make out in his revealing underwear model photos. Absolutely delish!

  5. [...] the end Ben Cohen’s birthday, Will posted this photo of my favorite athlete at his site today. Be sure to follow @back2stonewall_ on [...]

  6. robert says:

    Love it my dream man

  7. It can’t be Ben. a) he’s too slim b) he’s not hairy enough (although eh could ahve clipped) c) he’s Jewish so why has this guy got a foreskin????

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