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Anti-Gay Violence Continues in Utah

The backward, knuckle-dragging, magic underpants wearing Troglodytes in Utah committing hate-crimes faster than the police can investigate them. For the third time in two weeks, another anti-gay attacks has happened in Utah. From 365Gay:

(American Fork, Utah) Cameron Nelson is the third gay Utah resident in less than two weeks to report being attacked because of his sexual orientation.

Early Thursday morning, the openly gay 32-year-old was taking the trash out at the hair salon where he worked when he was attacked.
Men yelled anti-gay slurs at Nelson before beating him. They broke his nose and left him with other minor injuries.

Sgt. Gregg Ludlow of the American Fork Police Department, said the actions of the attackers were “disgusting.”

Police in Salt Lake City are still investigating two earlier anti-gay attacks.

Activists plan on holding a rally to protest all three attacks and draw the attention of legislators in Salt Lake City.

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s Joker from Batman: This country needs an enema!

Contributing source The Salt Lake Tribune.



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