Anti-Gay, Christianist Fucktard Scott Lively Thinks Gay Will Use Prop 8 Tape to Threaten Witnesses

Hate-mongering, shit-weasel Scott Lively is at it again. This time he’s spreading his lies and bullshit over the decision whether or not to release the Prop H8 trial tapes. In commenting to a batshit delusional rant on Christianist hate-site, OneNewsNow, Lively goes on record to wax idiotic.

“We have seen all across the country that the gay activist movement attempts to intimidate anyone who stands up for family values, and this just seems to be another example,” decides Dr. Scott Lively of “There’s really no good reason for this to be released, and I would hope that the decision would go against the release.”

Doctor? I didn’t know they offered Doctorates in hate-mongerging, bigotry. Must be from Liberty University.

What do you think?

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