WIN An Advance DVD Set Of The ORIGINAL UK Series “Queer As Folk” Courtesy Of and Acorn Media! in association with Acorn Media is giving away one copy of the groundbreaking U.K. drama (and highly superior to the U.S. version) series that captivated audiences for celebrating gay culture with intelligence, wit, and humor Queer As Folk: The Complete Collection set to be released on Sept 27th.

Queer as Folk: The Complete U.K. Collection Follows Stuart Alan Jones (Aidan Gillen)  a rich, handsome rake, commanding Manchester’s gay scene with his devil-may-care confidence and potent sexual charisma. His shy best friend, Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly, Titanic), harbors a not-so-secret crush on Stuart and frequently gets stuck cleaning up his messes. When Stuart has a tryst with teenager Nathan (Charlie Hunnam)—newly out of the closet and bursting with excitement—the one-night stand changes their lives in unexpected ways.

The  groundbreaking series created and written by BAFTA and Hugo Award-winner Russell T. Davies (Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Grand) and co-starring Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Children of Men). Produced in 1999-2000 and broadcast on the Ovation Channel in 2010, Queer As Folk celebrates gay culture while tackling universal themes of friendship, love, and self-acceptance. The 3-disc set includes all of Series 1 and 2, along with 131 min. of previously unavailable bonus materials, including deleted and extended scenes with commentary, “What The Folk…?” featurette, behind-the-scenes interviews, a 20-page booklet by the series’ creator, and more

And all you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post with either an email or Twitter account name so we can contact you  if you win! – Contest ends September 1, 2011

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9 thoughts on “WIN An Advance DVD Set Of The ORIGINAL UK Series “Queer As Folk” Courtesy Of and Acorn Media!

  1. I enjoyed the US version of Queer as Folk, but I always wanted to see the British original. So many times, the UK’s original TV series prove superior to their dumbed-down American copies. That’s why I tend to watch BBC America more than US channels.

  2. Absolutely fantastic and ground breaking series. It was such an exciting programme for it’s day. I’d be on the phone to my friends during the ad’s recapping what had just happened, then glued to the box, not wanting it to end. I remember watching the first sex scene with my hands over my eyes and thinking “Oh My God! they can’t show this on TV can they”. I’d love to be able to own this advanced DVD set.

  3. Saw the original UK production and loved it. Never saw the US series set in Pittsburgh (but actually filmed in Toronto, Canada) !!

  4. I love the U.K. series of QAF and have been meaning to get around to buying it for years. This set sounds amazing with all the extras.

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