Video – Marcus Bachmann Assaults CNN’s Don Lemon: “You did it (to) yourself” Bachmannn Tells Lemon

CNN’s openly gay anchor Don Lemon was assaulted today by Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus, who pushed and shoved Lemon into a golf cart. Marcus Bachmann apparently told Lemon “you did it yourself” when he protested to being tossed into a golf cart. “I don’t know why this happened,” Lemon noted, “it was an embarrassing (and criminal) display on their part.”

Video was shot While Lemon’s cameraman got lost in the crowd, on the audio you can hear Lemon asking seemingly harmless questions.

Said Lemon:

“I asked about her performance last night, where does she think she’s going to end up in the Straw Poll. And her two campaign aides… started elbowing me and pushed me through the crowd and her husband Marcus did the same thing– even pushed me, elbowed me into a golf cart where I hit my head and it caused people to spill things.”

According to Bachmann’s press secretary “it was just too crowded,” and that they were only looking out for the Congresswoman’s safety.

Anyone out there thjink that this would have happened to a white, straight reporter from FOX-News?

I thought not.

What do you think?

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