Sarah Palin: Don’t call me and the Tea Party terrorist or a racist again! – But you are Blanche, you are!

Sarah Palin in an attempt to remain relevant has latched onto Vice President Joe Biden’s comment the other day that Tea Party Republicans “acted like terrorists” in debt ceiling negotiations and she is running with it a woman who knows that her 15 minutes of fame is almost up..   “Hit me baby”Palin has grabbed the sound byte  in her vice like Mama Grizzly jaws and like the publicty whore she is she’s using it to justify her FOX News salary by appearing on not only on Sean Hannity’s program last night but also on Greta Van Susteren’s where she whipped herself up into a frothy mix of Santorum indignation on both!

“Let’s call them out on their hypocrisy then Sean, because enough is enough. And I’m not just gonna roll over with a sticker plastered on my forehead that says ‘hit me baby, one more time! Call me a terrorist again, call me a racist.’ Those things that Tea Party patriots have been called again over these months.”

This has always been one of the reasons I have liked Joe Biden.  He calls them as he see’s them without bullshit the Tea party and Republicans DID act like terrorist and Obama made the fatal mistake of negotiating with them instead of destroying them.

As for Palin.  I say instead of sticking anything on her forehead we just simply shove it up her……

Well you can fill in the last word.

You can watch Palin and her fake indignation with Sean Hannity after the jump. (Clock the READ MORE button)

What do you think?

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