Married Gay Couple Bradford Wells & Anthony John Makk Split By Deportation

“Staunch ally” Obama’s administration decided to continue to enforce the discriminatory immigration sections of DOMA Monday. The administration announced that it was denying immigration rights to Bradford Wells & Anthony Makk. Wells & Makk were legally married in Massachusetts in 2004, but thanks to DOMA their marriage is not federally recognized. Makk, who is a native of Australia, is Wells’ primary care-giver; Wells suffers from AIDS.

On a personal note, this story resounds with me in a way that is difficult to explain. I am part of a binational couple, and because of the bigoted policies of the U.S. Federal Government, I am forced to live outside of the U.S. with my husband. We are legally married in Belgium, and for all intents and purposes the rest of the European Union, but the U.S. government does not recognize our marriage. A couple of breeders can walk into any Embassy in Europe, apply for a spouse visa and receive permission within days, but us not so much. Fair? HA! Where that “staunch ally” Obama? Hypocrite and liar? Methinks yes.

5 thoughts on “Married Gay Couple Bradford Wells & Anthony John Makk Split By Deportation

    1. Hi Renee.

      Thnaks for pointing that out. I did change it. But I do hope that you realize the true context that it was meant in. Its very hard to be uber PC when words have so many meanings. Like is it mysogynist of me to call Michelle Bachmann a bitch?

    2. Will can change it if he wants to, it’s his blog, but my word stands. I’m not PC, and I don’t really give a flying fuck if it upsets people. It’s the truth. At this moment any married man and woman can walk into an embassy and get a visa no questioned asked. That is DISCRIMINATION and I’m WAY too angry to care if anyone’s precious feeling or sensibilities get hurt. I WANT TO LIVE IN THE COUNTRY I FOUGHT IN A FUCKING WAR FOR, SO DON’T LECTURE ME!

      1. Actually my apologies to Bret. I SHOULD NOT have changed it. It was clear in the way that the sentence was written what it meant. And he nis right.

        My public apologies to Bret

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