Louis J. Marinelli NOM Defector, “Supposed” Gay Marriage Advocate and Possible Grifter Quits Same Sex Marriage Advocacy. SHOCKER!

By now we all know who Louis Marinelli is.

But if you don’t intil last April Louis was the National Organization for Marriage’s marketing team, bus driver and Brian Brown and Maggie Gallaghers all around gopher on NOM’s 2010 ill-fated (ie BUST) Summer of Marriage Tour until Louis after his NOM contract was up and he returned to where he was living in Russia  when he experienced a sudden and complete transformation.  Suddenly he as anti-NOM and Pro-gay marriage.  And proceeded to tell everybody who would listen to about his new found love for LGBT Equality and gay marriage.  In fact Marinelli became the poster boy for the “changing of hearts and mind campaign”…… for awhile.

Marinelli retunred to the United States (after asking for help online from the LGBT community to raise money for plane tickets for himslef and his girlfriend.) started a website and sold tee-shirts and asked for donations and even plan a bus tour that would help people across the country understand why same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Oh and yes he asked for more donations.

But now Marinelli has called it quits after realizing that gay advoccy doesn’t pay enough. because he’s had enough of you whiny liberals, the gays and HRC. (You see Marinelli is a Rick Perry supporter)

Marinelli has even cancelled his own Summer for Marriage Equality Tour, after raising money which no one other than Marinelli knows exactly how much because the HRC  announced in July its own On the Road to Equality tour.  Now correct me if I’m wrong but same sex marriage and LGBT Equality are two different subjects.

So Marinelli is quitting same sex marriage advocacy after he’s done so much to counter the damage that he did with NOM and really let us in on all of NOM’S deep dark secrets. (I’m joiking of course because he didn’t)

But as Louis says on his newly “scrubbed clean and edited” website in the posting – “No More sticking my neck out” .  Oh wait you can’t read that because Louis deleted it also.  Oh bother!

So after all is said and done this is what Louis will be remembered for.

“I support marriage equality as a constitutional principle but there is no place for me standing among crazy, whiny liberals.”

It just doesn’t pay enough does it Louie?

Source:  Project Q – Atlanta

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  1. any word from Jeremy Hooper on this one.. I at least hope Jeremy got to check out the engine and a test drive when he bought that crap…

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