Klan Connected FRC Hate Group Head Tony Perkins Whines About Being “Stigmatized”

Tony Perkins who is also the President of the officially santioned anti-gay hate group the Family Reseach Council and who in the past as this blog has proven has connections to David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan  went on a whiney bee-yacth rant yesterday about how he and his evil ilk are being stigmatized and marginalized.  (Instead of being thrown in jails under the RICO laws where they all belong)

Said “Princess Tiny Meat” Perkins:

“They will not be satisfied until those who hold to a traditional, natural view of marriage are completely silenced. They are so intent on accomplishing this that anyone and everyone who would challenge them must be silenced. And we are seeing this in the media, and now we’re seeing this into the marketplace. It’s an effort to stigmatize, to marginalize and ultimately to cause people to self-censor. I don’t think you can look at homosexuality and what is taking place without examining the spiritual dynamics here. This is essentially man shaking his fist in the face of God and saying I don’t need you, that we will do it our way. It is the height of humanism.”

Of course Miss Thing is talking about Christians Give Back Group site which is REALLY the Christian Values Network site which was founded by born again hack actor Stephen Baldwin and insane  Michael Lohan which a portions of purchases made through CGBG go back to fund anti-gay hate groups like Focus On The Family and the Family Research Council.

Whaaaa Whaaaa Whaaaaa Tony.  Crying and stamping your little feat and meat because people are smartening up and fighting back and some of your right wing welfare is drying up.

So many fake christians, so few real lions…


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