Czech President Left in the Political Wilderness Over Anti-Gay Remarks

Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, has started a political firestorm, and he’s being ostracized by the Czech establishment and the international community for his anti-gay/homophobic comments (and support of others’ comments) concerning the first Prague Pride.

From the New York Times:

The tussle over Prague Pride — which drew 5,000 people this past weekend — pitted Mr. Klaus, 70, against virtually the entire Czech political spectrum. Even the unreformed Communists — who won 11 percent of the vote in the last election — have taken a more progressive stance than Mr. Klaus, who spoke out in favor of the traditional family and loudly voiced his opposition to what he called “homosexualism.”

The president, who likes to rail against “isms” — “environmentalism” and “feminism” being two of his favorites — emphasized that he was not against homosexuality. But, he stressed, it should be tolerated, not celebrated.

Klaus and some ultra-right minister lashed out at the American ambassador for supporting Prague Pride, saying “I can’t imagine any Czech ambassador daring to interfere by petition with internal political discussion in any democratic country.”

As the New York Times notes, Norman L. Eisen, U.S. Ambassador, as well as 12 other ambassadors signed a letter in support of Prague Pride.

The comments of Klaus have even put him at odds with the mayor of Prague, Bohuslav Svoboda:

“We live in a society where tolerance is a basic philosophical principle,” he said. “This is not a debate about ‘isms.’ It is an obligation of everyone in a tolerant society to protect minority rights.”

Yet again, another right-wing, ignorant politician has shown his true colors in spite of his/her countries public opinion. Shame on Klaus.

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