Craigslist Call Boy Buying Indianna GOP Rep Pat Hinkle: “All we did was talk baseball”

The VERY BUSTED Indiana state GOP Rep. Phillip Hinkle who was exposed buying an 18 year old call boy off Craigslist and now refuses to resign is talking so much shit to get out of it we should all send him a roll of Charmin to wipe his mouth.

His newest excuse?

He rented the kid to talk about baseball.

“These people,” Hinkle said, “are lying through their teeth.” Hinkle said that when Gibson got there they just talked about “baseball and the view,” and that when Hinkle came out of the bathroom Gibson had left, and stole the money, the iPad and the Blackberry. “I went to the edge,” Hinkle said, “but I didn’t fall over the edge.” “I got everything back but the iPad,” Hinkle told the Star, “and quite frankly, if that makes them feel good, so be it.” He noted that he won’t be filing a police report. When asked why he arranged the encounter to begin with — and why he used his public e-mail address — Hinkle said. “I don’t know. I’m telling you, I don’t know.” Hinkle told Matthew Tully of the Star: “Somewhere upstairs a button got pushed, and I want to know why. People keep asking: ‘What were you thinking?’ I honestly don’t know. It’s as simple as that.” “I say that emphatically,” Hinkle also said. “I’m not gay.”

Yeah Hinkle your totally straight…….. to the nearest dick. 

I suppose dropping your trou and your towel,  grabbing the kids ass and your wife never attempting to bribe him with $10,000 to remain quiet is because you didn;t want it to get out proves that you aren’t gay.

What do you think?

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