The Cowardly Case Of Actor Luke Evans Sliding Back In the Closet

If you don’t know who Luke Evans is you soon will when Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” will be released. 

 But Luke has had other acting jobs.   In 2002 Luke starred in Boy George musical Taboo in London’s West End,  played a gay porn star in the play Hardcore, and  Evans appeared in several West End musicals, including Miss Saigon, Avenue Q and Rent before signing with new management in 2009 and redirecting his career toward movie roles. He made his film debut as Apollo in Clash of the Titans, played a small part in Robin Hood, and appeared in the 2010 British rom-com Tamara Drewe.

And as you look at the timeline of his interviews he starts out openly gay and slowly works his way back into the closet the more well known he becomes.

An interview given in 2002, while Evans starred in the Boy George musical Taboo

“I knew that even though my part was a straight character, everybody knew me as a gay man and, in my life in London, I never tried to hide it. I knew I was going to have to do interviews with gay magazines, so I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to have to be open’. It’s who I am. And if people don’t like it, then I don’t want their jobs. I’ve never been a very good liar”

In 2004, while starring in Hardcore

Q.  So, have you spent a long time researching gay porn?

A.  Years and years. I bought my first film when I was 15 and now I have a good collection and I add to it regularly. I research it almost every night!!

Then now in 2010 when his career has picked up and has moved from stage to screen we start getting the  PR “beard stories” and the ever closeted pronoun use of  “someone.”  instead of “he” or “she”

And Viola!  He’s straight!

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The September 12, 2010, edition of the Daily Mail reported:

Handsome Welsh actor Luke Evans, 31, who stars with Gemma Arterton in  Tamara Drewe, is dating fashion industry PR Holly Goodchild, 27—even though she describes herself as single on Facebook.

After being friends for some years, the pair are now an item, Holly said at the premiere of Luke’s film last week. ‘Luke’s lovely – we’re really old friends and it just sort of happened,’ she said. He added: ‘We are nowhere near engaged but things are really good.’

In a more recent interview with British Cosmo Evans is slightly more evasive.

“Just the other week, I sang to a very close female friend. She almost cried. And I love to cook! I’ve impressed hundreds of women with my cooking. And they always come back for more.” If you’re fond of cooking as well, it’s best to get heating oil passaic nj at since the prices are affordable.

“Absolutely we can have female friends and not want to have sex with them. You dream about having sex with them, but you don’t actually have sex with them.”

“In 10 years, I’d love to live near the sea, in a warmer climate. I could see myself with three dogs…and it’d be great to share them with someone else.”

In a statement from Luke’s publicist:  “I do not comment on my client’s personal lives in the media. As for Luke, he did so once, a long time ago when he was an inexperienced, young actor and now with maturity and hindsight, he has learned not to engage the press in his personal life again.”

Now I don’t suffer fools lightly. Or closet cases, or gay men who go crawling back into the closet when they feel like it.(And yes Matthew Bomer that means you also)  

Actions such as Evans and Bomers reek of greed, cowardice, shame, and bad advice. It also sends a horrible message to not only gay people struggling wit thier own sexuality, but also to straight audiences as well.

Evans should be ashamed of himself. 

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6 thoughts on “The Cowardly Case Of Actor Luke Evans Sliding Back In the Closet

  1. A coward, or just someone trying to stay employable? Because let’s face, Will, in this business you and I are in, there are people both right and left either calling for the LGBT community to subscribe to the heterosexual paradigm, or forcing people to walk that fine line between conformity and invisibility.

  2. I am a big advocate of gay rights (despite being straight. Yes even straight people care about equality). I am frankly quite puzzled at the implications this piece is making. Do you personally know Luke Evans? No, you don’t. So you do NOT know for sure whether he is gay, for starters. The quotes about him being gay are from LESS than reputable news outlets, while the most recent ones are at the very least from, if not reputable, at least decent and well-known outlets. So for all people know here, he’s straight. Regardless, even if he’s gay, it is HIS CHOICE whether to say things publicly or not and it does NOT make him a coward IF (and that’s still an if) he’s gay and he decides to not say so publicly. I don’t go around parading my personal life, and a celebrity should even less be doing so. And by the way, Matt Bomer has never even made vague remarks about being straight. He’s never made a statement one way or the other because he is PRIVATE. It is his own damn right to keep his sexual life and orientation private, and it does not make him a coward at all. I can’t stand bullying of any kind – both against any kind of minority or gays OR the gay community bullying for people to make public statements about being gay. It is a PERSONAL choice, and the gay community more than any other should respect that. So the only one being disrespectful here is the author of the article, certainly not Luke Evans or Matt Bomer.

    1. Well it certainly is your CHOICE to feel that way as it is mine to think that 2 openly gay men who were proud enough of who they were before they got discovered should be so scared and cowardly enough to slink back in the closet to hide it and not stand up to the REAL bullys who won’t accept them for who they are in the fear that it might hurt their careers.

      Not only in doing that are they being disrepectful to thier community but also being disrespectful to themselves and portraying a horrible role model to others. That is my opinion and that is also my CHOICE.


  3. Tha Advocate and the Gay Times are far more reputable than the Daily Mail, which is just as likely to carry the headline “My house was burned down by Gypsy immigrant pedophiles – twice”.
    They have something called journalism and editorial integrity, which most Daily Mail writers would struggle to find in a dictionary.
    And Cosmo? When the person he’s supposedly dating is in Fashion PR. Come on! Where’s your healthy sense if scepticism?
    Regardless of whether you see Luke as a coward or commercially pragmatic, the underlying sentiment is that it is a great big shame. A shame that he feels compelled to deny things he was once proud and happy to share; a shame that people that work in an industry where gay people have reached every rung on the ladder give each other such disappointing advice; a shame that people in the spotlight do not feel able to provide a shining beacon for young people struggling to work out who they are and where they fit in society. A great big shame.

  4. How many straight people stopped being straight then go gay. Is it not koto fall for someone of the opposite sex and love happily ever after?!?! I really don’t care if my friends are straight, curved, gay or sad even though my religion condemns gay the same way it doesn’t murder. I just get sick and tired of the LG and all the other groups condemning people who does not share their beliefs or changes their mind. God have us free will to choose Him or another. Who the hell are you guys to force your beliefs down people’s throat. The same way you want to to be heard and accepted those with a different view want the same. It doesn’t mean either is wrong or right. Leave the frigging man alone. So what he got some nookie and liked it. It’s just sex. And it should just be love. Smfh

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